Cipollo Rosso

Based on the menu, Cipollo Rosso is really more of a restaurant than a cafe. Even the drinks list veer toward their extensive list of wines… And honestly, I have no idea where the exact location of this place is as we were brought here by our Korean teacher after a yummy pasta dinner a few doors away.

If you look at the above picture carefully, there are 2 floors to Cipollo Rosso – the first is more for diners, while the second floor is more for chilling. Naturally, we proceeded to the 2nd floor!

Wine bottle-lined stairs~

First sight that greeted us when we went upstairs... and I mistook it as a mirror!

It is actually the door to a private room!

View from the 2nd level~ Quite nice eh?

Cozy corner!

View from our table. Lovely place for a good dinner with girlfriends.

Non-alcoholic drinks are really quite limited...

Tiramisu & Green Tea Ice Cream

오늘의 어휘


1. noisily 2. gaudily 

예문 연습: 창가에 요란히 내리는 빗물 소리를 들으면서 뜻밖에 잠들었어요. [I unexpectedly fell asleep while listening to the raindrops falling noisily on the window.]

오늘의 인용구

자식 자랑만 하는 부모가 되지 말고 자식들이 자랑하는 부모가 되자.

“Don’t be a parent that is only proud of his child, but be a parent that his child can be proud of.”

오늘의 동사


unexpected / wild; absurd 

예문 연습: 수업 시간에 그 학생은 엉뚱한 짓을 잘해서 선생들도 당황하고 어떻게 해야 하는지 몰라요. [This student does the strangest things in class and the teachers are at a loss and have no idea what to do.]

Easy Conversational Korean – 06

오늘의 속담

황금 만능이다.

Literal meaning: Gold is all powerful.

What it is really trying to say: A golden key will open most locks. 

오늘의 사진

“Oh my, what long legs you have!”