오늘의 사진

The famous vending machine from Boys Over Flowers, where Jan-di bought Jun-pyo a cup of “priceless coffee”. Actual location? Cable car station at Namsan Tower.

A Twosome Place

A chain of cafes where one could have coffee and cake, or fill one’s tummy with sandwiches. They even provide cake-making workshops, which was replayed over and over again on their television screens.

Yummy sandwiches - ham and cheese with sauerkraut sandwich, chicken sandwich and chicken wrap. Along with apple juice and iced mocha frappe!

 In 2011 it was announced that So Ji-sub would be the product ambassador of this place, alongside its dessert counterpart (which was featured in Kdrama Lie To Me). With So Ji-sub making / drinking coffee like that, how to resist? I would like a cuppa coffee with So Ji-sub to go, thanks! 😀

오늘의 사진

Outdoors at Jeju Teddy Bear MuseumGoong S was filmed at this spot! 

오늘의 사진

A glimpse of Myeongdong Cathedral, which a landmark of the area and was the largest building Seoul at the point of its construction a hundred over years ago in 1898. Also, at this spot that this picture was taken was the film site of the wildly popular Kdrama “You’re Beautiful”.

Cafe Pascucci

Personally, a significant cafe as I first set my eyes on this funky UFO-like thingy on my first trip to Seoul. Turns out that it beeps and vibrates when your order is ready for collection. Really cool!

Breakfast for 3!

Consisting of iced cafe latte, cafe mocha, strawberry yoghurt, ham egg toast, bacon cheese focaccia and egg bagel.

Cosy private seats

The location of this outlet of Cafe Pascucci is noteworthy, at least to k-drama lovers, as scenes from Stairway to Heaven was shot here in Apgujeong.

How many Coffee Princes are there?

Kdrama - The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

I don’t know about you, but that is one question that I’ve always wondered. But of course I don’t mean real princes; they refer to the cafes in one of my all-time favourite Kdramas, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. And I’m sure in the summer of 2007 this drama stole the hearts of many too. It was (is?) so popular that its filming locations have been converted to cafes for fans to visit.

Officially there are 3 MBC-licensed Coffee Princes cafes – 1 in MBC Dream Center lobby at Ilsan and 2 at Hongdae. The one in Ilsan is a replica of the one in Hongdae, hence is not really worth a visit unless you are in Ilsan, or catching Music Core, or a HUGE Coffee Prince cafe fan. Compared to Ilsan, the ones in Hongdae are way more convenient especially if you are in Seoul.

The first one in Hongdae is nestled in a small alley, and is currently next to the Hello Kitty cafe. Heard from a friend is that is now closed. I personally did not enter this one as I was more curious about the other one! But it seems like a quiet cozy place.

Although the above cafe is an official Coffee Prince cafe, the next one is more popular because it is the actual filming location of the Coffee Prince cafe in the drama. And boy was it crowded! I cannot remember how I got there, but I do remember the lovely rows of cafes that line the street to Coffee Prince.

After climbing a slope *pants*

Check out the number of fans!

The best seats were taken 😦

Signatures of the cast & director on the opposite wall

Cute drawings left by Yoon Eun-hye

One of the well-loved icons of the drama!

Coffee Prince memorabilia


When night falls...

However, my favourite is not actually one of the Coffee Prince cafes licensed by MBC, but another one of the filming locations. Before it was better known as Choi Han-sung’s (Lee Seon-kyun) house, it was and is, in fact Sanmotoonge cafe. Located atop in Buam-dong, it was NOT easy getting there. After hopping on a bus (#1020, #212 or #7022) at Gyeongbokgung Station exit 3 and alighting 6 stops later, one has to walk backwards from the direction of the bus.

After seeing this sign, follow the first road on the left.

Approximately 700m uphill walk to the cafe.

A nice-looking cafe for those who give up mid-way!

But for those who persist, you'll be rewarded with this sight ^^

Love the fresh flowers on each table~

Foreigners who visit Sanmotoonge are gifted a free postcard!

Coffee with a view~

At the basement is a quaint gallery of knick-knacks!

Gimme my coffee and a book and I'm all set.

The basement also leads out to the garden...

... and that's where the horse sculptures are! Remember those?


Wall of cast & director signatures

At the 2nd level, also known to the fans as Han-sung's music making part of his house!

How I wish it is my house instead...

View of the garden from the 2nd storey

Even the toilet is cute!

The Sanmotoonge cafe is honestly an excellent place for dates, especially with such great views! But it really is rather inaccessible so I would recommend boyfriends driving their girlfriends there. As for parking… I have no idea…

오늘의 사진

Those who have watched Kdrama Gourmet (식객) will find this place familiar – it is the film site of drama’s restaurant, where the leads always have their verbal sparrings at. The actual name of this place is Samcheonggak, where its restaurant is on the 1st floor and cafe on the 2nd. And one can hold a wedding or an event at its garden!

Overview of K-Scene in Singapore

Our shores have been severely hit with the Hallyu wave! Click here to find out how it happened!


오래 전에  한국에서 방정환이란 동화 작가가 1923년 5월 1일에 어린이의 특별함을 존중하기 위해 어린이날을 선언하게 되었어요. 그 때부터 어린이날은 5월 1일이었는데 1946년부터 5월 5일은 공식적으로 어린이날이 되었고 1975년 부터 공휴일으로 되었어요. 어린이날에 부모님들이 자기 아이한테 선물을 주고 놀이 공원이나 동물원에 갈 거예요.

On 1 May 1923 in Korea, a children’s storybook writer by the name of Bang Jeong-hwan declared the day Children’s Day to respect the uniqueness of each individual child. From then now, Children’s Day was celebrated on May 1st till 1946 when it officially became 5th of May and Children’s Day became a public holiday in 1975. On Children’s Day, parents will shower their children with gifts and take them out to the amusement parks or the zoo.

ㅋㅋㅋ 이 사진이 “오! 마이 레이디”에서 나왔어요. 예은이 완전히 예쁘죠? 아이구ㅜㅜ~ 귀여워! 드라마 주인공들이 동물원에서 재미있게 놀고 있는 모양이네요!

And I can’t help but be reminded of this uberly ADORABLE scene in Oh! My Lady where Chae Rim’s character, Choi Siwon’s character,  and his character’s daughter spend a day at the zoo as one family of sorts! And isn’t the little girl, Ye-eun, the cutest thing in the world? Okay, I gotta stop the squealing. ^^

지난 번에 한국에 있었을 때 에버랜드에 놀았던 추억이 생각했는데요! 한국에 다시 가면 롯데월드에 가야 하겠어요!

Ah~ memories of my trip to Everland! But I’ll head to Lotte World the next time I’m in Korea…because I’ve never been there before!

젊은 어린 사람들과 마음이 아작 젊은 사람들에게, 해피 어린이날! For the young and the young at heart, happy children’s day!

Ilsan Lake Park

일산호수공원에 간 이유를 다 “찬란한 유산” 때문이예요! 제 15 회에서 은성(한효주)이랑 준세(배수빈)가 거기서 로맨틱 자전거 데이트했잖아요! 이런 로맨틱 분위기 다시 느끼고 싶어서 가봤어요.

It is all because of Brillant Legacy / Shining Inheritance that I wanted to go to Ilsan Lake Park. In episode 15, Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) and Jun Se (Bae Soo Bin) had their romantic cycling date! And I wanted to relive those romantic moments…

서울근처 경기도에 있는 일산호수공원은 아주 큰 공원이예요. 공원의 전부 걸으면 3 시간 쯤 필요해요! 너무 커서 지난 번에 갔을 때 완전히 관광할 수 없는데 좀 아쉬웠어요!

Ilsan Lake Park is a massively huge park in Gyeonggi-do, a province next to Seoul. You would probably need about 3 hours to cover the entire park by foot! It was so big that I was unable to explore the entire park…what a pity!

관광한 시간이 많지 않는데 공원의 지도를 보면서 어디에 먼저 가야 할지 모를 때 장미원이 눈에 들어 왔어요. 늦여름이였지만 장미꽃들이 계속 피고 있었어요. 저는 얼마나 기쁜지 몰랐어요!

We didn’t have much time and while looking at the map of the park and was wondering which way to go, the rose garden caught my eye. I wasn’t expecting much flowers as it was late summer but I was very happy that the roses were still thriving and blooming!

꽃이 정말 예쁘죠? ^^

The flowers are really pretty, aren’t they? =)

이 모든 사람을 위한 공원에서 가족이랑 말하고 피크닉을 하면서 아이들이 놀 수 있거나 애인이랑 어느 날 행복하게 보낼 수 있는데 정말 좋은 장소이라고 생각해요.

Oh! And something interesting – the red track is meant for cyclists while the green track is for pedestrians!

My way of getting there: Take the subway (3rd line) and alight at Jeongbalsan station, get out of the exit that points in the direction of Ilsan Lake Park (it’s written in English, don’t worry) and follow the directions along the road. It’s a straight and direct route from the exit of the subway to Ilsan Lake Park. In the distance you should see this bridge… 

 …head towards it, cross the bridge and you have arrived at Ilsan Lake Park!

봄 때 한국에 가면 일산호수공원에 있는 한국 고양 꽃 전시회에 한 번 가보세요~ 진심으로 아름답다고 느껴요! 자전가랑 가고 싶다~

If you are visiting Korea in spring, how about heading to Ilsan Lake Park for the Goyang Korea Flower Show? I personally think it will be gorgeous! I would love to be there with my bicycle~

근데 저는 먼저 저의 배수빈을 찾아야 돼요! ^^*

But first… I need to find my Bae Soo Bin to go cycling with~ *grin*