Mad for Garlic!

Despite not looking the least bit Korean in terms of its name, menu and decor, Mad For Garlic is in fact a South Korean restaurant with 10 over outlets sprawled around Seoul and this is its first international franchise here in Singapore (woohoo!).

With the copious amounts of (fake) garlic as decor, hence an association with vampires and reference to Dracula in their menu, they might as well go Victorian instead of “Middle Age European styled interior design”. But that’s just my opinion.

As the restaurant name suggests, this place is garlic-centric. I love garlic. In a nutshell (garlic shell?), we hit it off. On with the food porn, shall we?

 Garlic Bread Tower – Mad For Garlic Special Bread Tower topped with Fresh Garlic toppings. It did arrive as a bread tower, but the waiter would slice the bread according to the number of hungry patrons at the table. Verdict? Bread was crisp, butter was light and the garlic was not overpowering.  A fancier name and appearance for garlic bread, but it was really good garlic bread.

White Sauteed Fresh Mussel – Fresh Mussels sauteed with Spicy Pepper and Garlic Cream Sauce. The menu forewarned that this dish would be a tad spicy and it was spicy on the first mouthful of sauce. But the spiciness grew on me as I became addicted to the sauce. The sauce was good enough to be a base for pasta, the mussels were fresh and garlic aplenty. Yum.

Lobster Pasta – Garlic Cream Sauce Pasta rich in Lobster Meat and Fish Roe. My eyes popped out when I saw the amount of fish roe in the plate! The fish roe added crunch to the pasta, the lobster meat was fresh and sweet and the cream sauce was not very thick. But it felt like the sweetness of the lobster meat did not seep into the cream sauce, which was a pity.

Gorgonzola Cream Pasta – Creamy Gorgonzola Cream Pasta served with Scallops and King Oyster Mushroom. Love love love the cream sauce as it was thick and flavourful. Compared to this pasta, the Lobster Pasta’s sauce seemed a tad bland. The mushroom was oh-so-meaty! Only quibble was that the scallops were rather tough – either it has been overcooked or it was not very fresh.

Seafood Pasta – Fresh Seafood Pasta sauteed with Original Italian Tomato Sauce. I liked that the tomato sauce was not too empowering (like how some places seem to pour the entire can of tomatoes into the pasta) and there was a bit of heat (read: spicy) to the pasta. And the generous serving of seafood!

Margherita Pizza – Traditional Margherita Pizza with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese. And Basil Leaves, they forgot to add. One bite, and I was won over. I like that the tomato sauce did not empower the thin-crust pizza (as with the Seafood Pasta) and there was a nice balance between the tomato sauce and olive oil. One person can easily polish off one pizza without feeling like it was too much.

With excellent service and good food, I would definitely head to Mad For Garlic again to try their dishes, such as the Dracula Killer, Garlic Butter Shrimp and Fresh Shrimp and Garlic Sprout Pasta, just to name a few. But as my friend aptly puts it, the next time would be at their Apgujeong store. *grin*

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City (Galleria) #01-039

My way of getting there: Alight at City Hall MRT station and take the underground route that leads to Suntec City. After coming out from the underpass, you will see this…

…just walk along this path and the restaurant is at the end of this route. This is how the restaraunt looks like if you take this route –

There is no need to walk inside Suntec City, but if you do, this is how the entrance looks like from inside Suntec –

Mad For Garlic takes over Ooster’s premises.