Easy Conversational Korean – 134

Easy Conversational Korean – 133

Dr. Coffee

Honestly, I don’t know much about Dr. Coffee, but this cafe was just next door to our accommodation in Busan so no excuse not to visit yeah? Had brunch, and happy to report that their drinks are delicious and their foods come in humongous portions. You’ve been warned!

How the interior looks like~

Maybe it's because this branch is in Busan, hence the sea theme?

Picked a sunny seat by the roads...

...and by the beach! Awesome view of Gwangalli beach, which I'll never be sick of.

Garlic toast is that impossible to finish!

Possibly the most delicious Iced Mocha EVER!!

Waffles with vanilla ice-cream topped with caramel and chocolate, bananas, kiwi and whipped cream!

Cipollo Rosso

Based on the menu, Cipollo Rosso is really more of a restaurant than a cafe. Even the drinks list veer toward their extensive list of wines… And honestly, I have no idea where the exact location of this place is as we were brought here by our Korean teacher after a yummy pasta dinner a few doors away.

If you look at the above picture carefully, there are 2 floors to Cipollo Rosso – the first is more for diners, while the second floor is more for chilling. Naturally, we proceeded to the 2nd floor!

Wine bottle-lined stairs~

First sight that greeted us when we went upstairs... and I mistook it as a mirror!

It is actually the door to a private room!

View from the 2nd level~ Quite nice eh?

Cozy corner!

View from our table. Lovely place for a good dinner with girlfriends.

Non-alcoholic drinks are really quite limited...

Tiramisu & Green Tea Ice Cream

Angel-in-us Coffee

Angel-in-us Coffee is again another one of those coffee chains with many outlets all over Korea. I must confess that these pictures does not provide a proper glimpse of the cafe. Was crowded and was a little shy at being a paparazzi. However this particular outlet in Busan overlooks the very pretty Dalmaji-gil and Haeundae beach. Unfortunately I was there at night and it was too cold to be sitting at the terrace…

Picked a cozy private area~

Awesome combination of mocha and cheesecake ^^

Interestingly, the second level of this outlet is right next to a carpark!

Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene is probably one of those cafes around Korea that you will see everywhere, and that aspect might be deterring to some who are looking for unique cafes. That was exactly what I thought as well, but when I step foot inside I realised just how wrong I was…

While it is not one of a kind, the wooden furniture, plushy cushions, books-lined wall (and non-smoking seating area!) provided such a warm and inviting atmosphere that one can’t help but be taken with.

Nook and cranny of books and trinkets!

Huge selection of books

Whimsical touch...

Private seating area~

Feeling Christmas-y!

Green tea latte and chocolate log cake

A cozy and easily located option. Lovely place to chill or to while away time waiting for someone. Awesome alternative to Starbucks!

All ready for Christmas ^^

Tom N Toms Coffee

Tom N Toms Coffee is a coffee chain that is everywhere in Korea; and while I can’t find anything to really shout about, it holds a special place in my heart as it is the first Korean coffee chain to step into Singapore!

Beeper + Table Imprint

Our steaming mugs of coffee and tea on a cold autumn night~

View of a floating restaurant on Haeundae Beach from our table