Ssamziegil – “Special Insadong within Insadong”

Ssamziegil – a quaint and artsy cove nestled in Insadong – was created and designed by Korean artists. The detailed decoration that goes into the place seems so effortless; and I love the miniatures that surround the walls, and that the wall murals change every few months.

This place was also featured in Korean movie Insadong Scandal and the SEOUL Song by Super Junior and SNSD in the scenes where Dong-hae, Ryeo-wook and Soo-young appeared.

Insadong is an area well-known for showcasing South Korea’s rich history and heritage, and Ssamziegil is an interesting fusion of both the traditional and the modern. Found at the entrance of Ssamziegil is a stall selling traditional snacks, and the place is filled with shops selling exquiste handicrafts and other unique items that cannot be found elsewhere.

Prices are a tad expensive (read: touristy) but one can’t help but give them props for being creative and original. But with adorable cafes at the roof, also known as Haneulmadang (or Sky Garden), it is worth spending an afternoon chilling.

My way of getting there: Nearest subway station is Anguk station (Line 3) and follow the signs that point to Insadong. The main road of Insadong is lined with individual shops, therefore Ssamziegil is hard to miss as it is a rather modern-looking building.

오늘의 동사


listening attentively/closely

예문 연습: 그 사람의 말을 제대로 이해할 수 없을까 봐 한 마디도 빠뜨리지 않고 열심히 경청했어요. [I was afraid I would not be able to understand him so I listened closely to every single word.]

오늘의 수수께끼

텔레토비가 가장 좋아하는 알파벳이 뭐예요?

대답 (highlight for the answer): I

설명 (highlight for the explanation): 텔레토비가 아이 (also sounds like “I”) 좋아요.

오늘의 문법

(동사) + 았/었더라면 ……. (으)ㄹ 텐데

그렇게 되기를 희망했으나 실제로 그렇지 못 한 것을 안타깝게 생각할 때 – 과거의 사실에 대한 후회나 아쉬움

예문 연습: 오빠랑 같이 갈 수 있었더라면 좋았을 텐데. [It would have been good if we could go together.]

오늘의 사진

One of my favourite works found at the Modern Art Gallery of Ewha Women’s University Museum. Titled “Litmus”, Kim Na-jung paints a picture on fabric using the technique of burning fabric (in this case, silk organza) with incense. The artist believes that the act of burning brings out memories of smoke and ash and the meaning of finite life; at the same time, it reminds us of different ceremonies related to birth and death. Personally, it’s just intricately gorgeous.

오늘의 어휘



예문 연습: 실종된 강아지를 드디어 찾아내서 안도의 한숨을 쉬었어요. [I heaved a sigh of relief after finding my missing puppy.]

불꽃으로 타오르지 않는다면

타이밍을 맞출 수 있을 까요?


불꽃으로 타오르지 않는다면

사랑 앞에서
그대 망설이지 말라.

그대가 잠시라도 망설인다면
결코 사랑은
그대 곁에 머물지 않을 것이니
사랑 앞에서
그대 조금도 망설이지 말라.

온 몸을 던져 뛰어 들고
온 마음을 다해 붙잡아라.

그러할수록 사랑은 그대를 외면치 않으리니
사랑이 야속하게도 머물지 않는 것은
그대가 애석하게도 망설이며 머뭇대는
어설픈 몸짓으로 다가서는 까닭일 뿐이니…

오, 그대
사랑의 불길을 두려워 말라.

그대의 몸과 마음이
불꽃으로 타오르지 않는다면
결코 사랑은
그대를 초대하지 않으며
그대를 기뻐하지 않으리니.