Diary Day

저는 한국에 갈 때마다 홍대에 가고 이런 예쁜 다이어리를 꼭 사요. 그래서 1월 14일에 “다이어리 데이”라는 건 귀엽대요. 싱가포르에서 한국처럼 다이어리가 여러 가지 디자인이 있으면 좋겠어요!

“To symbolize the beginning of a new year, couples exchange yearly planners in which they mark their plans, anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates.” – Diary Day, 14th January. Who cares whether my boyfriend will get me one, I can get it for myself! Diaries sold in Korea are really cute; I couldn’t help it and got myself 2 on my last trip and STILL have not made up my mind which one to use, because both are too precious!